So You Have An Idea – Now What? | Steve Mandy, MD


So What You Have An Idea -  Now What? | Sue Ellen Cox, MD


So What You Have An Idea -  Now What? | Janine Hopkins, MD



Date: Thursday, Oct 6, 2022

Location: Gaylord Rockies Hotel – Denver, CO

Director: Lynn Drake MD

Co-Directors: Frederick Beddingfield MD, PhD;  Katie Given MD, PhD


Workshop Description

This session will cover how to start with an “idea” and then identify necessary steps to commercialization, thus bringing it to the clinic and ultimately helping the patient. Topics will include first steps such as protecting your idea, prototyping, pitch decks, financing, building a team, avoiding mistakes, pathways to market, success stories and to partner or not.  Major contributors to failure and how to avoid them will be covered.  Success often depends on a few important factors which will be discussed.  A range of options for funding, creating value, mitigation of regulatory barriers, and exit strategies will be included.  Interactions with industry and networking is part of the program. This introductory session will provide an overview and lead to future in depth sessions.  


Learning Objectives for the Innovation Workshop

  • How Clinicians Can Initiate and Bring a Product to Market
  • Identify, Analyze and Evaluate a New Idea
  • Construct a Process to Advance Development of a New Idea
  • Identify & Build Resources to Support Development
  • Access and Mitigate Barriers
  • Develop a Strategy & Plan for Translation for Commercialization