The SPF For All program promotes the successful implementation of sunscreen dispensers across the U.S. and encourages the installation of additional dispensers in common public areas, such as local parks and baseball or soccer fields. This initiative provides an important public health service, increases skin cancer awareness and encourages sun safety. Start your own effort in your community.


How to start

Create your own public service program that promotes sun safety and builds your brand in your own community.

STEP 1: Purchasing a dispenser
Choose to purchase a dispenser as a community service or to solicit community sponsors to help with the cost of purchase and refills. Available custom sponsored labeling is a great advertising opportunity.

STEP 2: Choosing a location
Ball fields, playgrounds, parks, gardens, swimming areas, golf courses, colleges and your own office are ideal dispenser locations. When partnering with a municipality or city, proper authorization must be obtained and sponsorship labeling on the dispenser must be approved. Dispensers may be attached to an existing structure or a freestanding pole (sold separately) that can easily be moved. The dispenser should be placed in a shaded area to preserve the integrity of the sunscreen. The installation process can be done independently or by a participating property owner.

STEP 3: Maintaining a dispenser
Traffic volume and location impact how often sunscreen should be replenished. For example, a dispenser at a community park needs to be refilled one to two times per month. Maintenance can be done by an employee, a participating municipality, property owner or community groups such as the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.

STEP 4: Promoting the project
Share your public service experience with ASDS on social media or contact Katie Allodi. We may feature your success story in our various marketing channels!

R&R Lotion

R&R Lotion products include traditional hand sanitizer dispensers with wall mount or pole options. R&R Lotion offers ASDS members special pricing and several BOGO specials.

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Bright Guard

Bright Guard dispensers are made of heavyweight, weather-resistant plastic featuring infrared sensor and unbreakable mirror. Wall mount or pole options are available, and ASDS members receive free wall mounting hardware and free batteries.

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IMPACT Melanoma Logistics Partner

Do you want to place sunscreen dispensers in your community and just don’t have the resources to get it done?

Let IMPACT Melanoma assist you in procuring placement for sunscreen dispensers by working with the appropriate city/town resources. IMPACT Melanoma understands this can be a daunting task and works exclusively with Bright Guard, placing dispensers across the country for the past three years with amazing success and community satisfaction.

IMPACT Melanoma can also work with you in bringing award-winning, sun-safe programs to your schools and local community. Everything you will need for a successful sun safety campaign all in one place. With over 16 years providing sun awareness programs and over 20 years of dermatology practice management experience, IMPACT Melanoma is the resource you need to work towards reducing the risk of skin cancer in your community. Let’s Practice Safe Skin TOGETHER and SLATHER THE U.S. IN SUNSCREEN.

Logistics assistance

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