ASDS Survey on Dermatologic Procedures

ASDS seeks to create an accurate depiction of dermatologic surgery for the public as well as the media. By providing the numbers that show the volume and scope of procedures performed, ASDS can prove beyond a doubt that its members are THE experts in skin health and beauty.

ASDS members are encouraged to use the results for their websites, presentations and outreach efforts.

For more information, email 
Jaimey Wilman.

Infographic for the 2019 ASDS Survey on Dermatologic Procedures 
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2019 Procedures Survey Infographic

How to Participate

  • Complete the survey sent to ASDS members.
  • Use your electronic health records to compute your annual totals or provide your best estimate.
  • Include procedure totals done by your extenders in your overall totals.

The results and infographics will be distributed to the media and be available for members to use for websites, presentations and outreach efforts. Questions? Contact Jaimey Wilman.