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ASDS/A Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

Recruit New ASDS/A Members – Earn Rewards

Deadline: Aug. 31, 2024

Share the value of ASDS/A membership with your colleagues to achieve heightened career success with ASDS/A resources, training and education to expand their professional development opportunities.

The Member-Get-A-Member program gives you an exciting and rewarding opportunity to reach out to your colleagues and invite them to join the Society.

New Member Savings

Any new member who joins by Aug. 31, 2024, will be eligible to pay the reduced member fee for the 2024 ASDS Annual Meeting (a 42% savings!).

Please note: Eligible referrals cannot be current ASDS/A members or already in the process of becoming a member. The referred party must include your name on his/her application and pay the 2024 membership fee. The candidate for membership must be eligible according to the ASDS/A Bylaws for each category of membership. Please note residents receive free ASDS membership throughout their residency. Refer to the ASDS/A Membership Directory to confirm if a colleague is a current member.

How Current ASDS/A Members Can Participate

  • Refer a Dermatologist Friend / Colleague

Complete the form at the bottom of this page, or email ASDS Membership the name(s) and contact information of your colleagues that would benefit from membership in ASDS / ASDSA. We will send a letter via email and traditional mail on your behalf to your colleague(s) inviting them to apply for membership. For each member you refer who joins, you will receive a prize entry.

  • Make a Personal Contact 

Contact your colleague(s) and share why you are an ASDS/A member and the amazing benefits of membership. To make it as easy as possible, you can simply copy this linked email and send to a colleague from your personal email. Urge your colleague to apply online and add your name as the person who they were referred by. For each new member that joins, you will receive a prize entry.

Participation Recognition

The member who recruits the most new members will be recognized on the website leaderboard, on social media, in the ASDS Weekly Update, in Currents and at the ASDS Annual Meeting.

Participate to expand your network, strengthen ASDS/A, help others succeed in their careers and receive recognition for your recruitment efforts.

Reach out to physicians right in your office who might not already be an ASDS/A member!

Tips on Recruiting New Members

  1. Share a time when ASDS/A membership was essential to your career.
  2. Use the ASDS website as an informational guide or a reference for sharing member benefits.
  3. Explain why ASDS/A membership helps you solve problems; ask prospective members what they need to do better at their practices.
  4. Spread the word about ASDS/A membership and its top-notch professional guidance on social media and through email to your contacts.

Enter your referral information in the form below, and ASDS/A will send an email on your behalf. To submit more referrals, refresh the webpage after submitting the first form.