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The most comprehensive, high-yield cosmetic symposium for dermatology residents was held virtually in April 2021 to provide expert instruction in the latest cosmetic procedures and guidance to prepare residents for real-world scenarios. Leading ASDS experts discussed the science, treatment indications, available therapies and techniques, as well as management of complications. Emphasis was placed on patient safety and how to obtain optimal cosmetic outcomes.

Check back for details on the in-person Symposium being planned for 2022!


Susan Weinkle, MD

Susan H. Weinkle, MD

Thomas Rohrer, MD

Thomas E. Rohrer, MD


  • Mathew Avram, MD, JD
  • Eric Bernstein, MD, MSE
  • Diane Berson, MD
  • Vince Bertucci, MD, FRCPC
  • Kimberly Butterwick, MD
  • Sue Ellen Cox, MD
  • Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
  • Timothy Flynn, MD
  • Deidre Hooper, MD
  • Terrence Keaney, MD
  • Kachiu Lee, MD, MPH
  • Kristel Polder, MD
  • Heidi Prather, MD

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