ASDS is pleased to provide complimentary ASDS Resident Membership during dermatology residency training. ASDS is recognized as the premier specialty group representing dermatologists performing all procedures – cosmetic, general, reconstructive and Mohs surgery. ASDS members are experts in treating skin and soft tissue with surgical and non-surgical methods.

ASDS offers an incredible array of benefits and resources to help residents succeed during residency and beyond. Residents are encouraged to look for opportunities to get involved in the Society to learn from the world’s foremost dermatologic surgeons, develop leadership skills and gain practical tools to build expertise and launch a lifelong career.

Residents Advocacy Guide

The mission of ASDSA is to speak in a unified voice to promote, protect and advance surgical and cosmetic dermatology through education and advocacy. As a resident dermatologic surgeon, YOU are uniquely qualified to advocate for patient safety and the field of dermatologic surgery. ASDSA provides members with resources, tools and information and offers a variety of ways to get involved in important advocacy efforts.

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Game-On ASDS Residents! Be the top resident contributor each quarter on ASDS Connect and win $100 ASDS Bucks to use on ASDS Learn and/or products offered on  It’s simple to become the top contributor on ASDS Connect:

  • Earn 10 Points each time you post a discussion post.
  • Earn 15 Points for every reply to a discussion post.

Congratulations to the ASDS Connect Top Resident Contributor Challenge Winners!

  • Victor Quan, MD
  • Tyler Long, DO

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