Cutting Edge Research Grant Program (CERG)

Supporting its mission to foster, support, develop and encourage investigative knowledge in dermatologic surgery, ASDS provides members with the tools and assistance they need to achieve the highest standards in clinical practice and patient care.

Uniting education and innovation in dermatologic surgery, the CERG program awards up to $100,000 each year to stimulate research relevant to dermatologic surgery and/or cutaneous oncology.

Applications for 2019 Cutting Edge Research Grants will be accepted beginning March 15.

Up to $100,000 in grants will be awarded in amounts up to $20,000 per recipient in order to stimulate a broad scope of research relevant to dermatologic surgeons and the dermatology specialty at large.

Cutting Edge Research Grant Program Additional Information and Previous Winners

- Board-directed research

ASDS has taken a proactive approach in positively affecting the future of the specialty of dermatologic surgery by recommending research on Board-directed topics. Board-directed research data is intended to help promote dermatologic surgeons as innovators, foster public awareness of dermatologic surgeons as experts, support ASDS positions on patient safely and regulatory issues, and more. Evidence-based and comparative effectiveness research is called for as well. By facilitating research in specific areas, ASDS will be able to further position itself as a catalyst for key findings in dermatologic surgery, and you can play an integral role.