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Research Grant Winners: August 2022

Jumpstart Research Seed Grant Program 

The intention of this program is to encourage and support only the highest quality research and training in areas related to dermatologic surgery. The Jumpstart Research Seed Grant Program serves as a catalyst to develop research initiatives for ASDS members. The purpose is to give research investigators a chance to define objectives, test hypotheses and provide a better idea of feasibility and directionality of research before applying for additional funds from ASDS or other external sources.

Under education and innovation in dermatologic surgery, the Jumpstart progam will award up to $10,000.

Contact education with any questions.


Submit research proposals relevant to:

  • Core surgical procedures and techniques
  • Cosmetic medicine and surgery
  • Cutaneous oncology
  • New technologies
  • Board-directed research topics

Cutting Edge Research Grant Program (CERG)

Supporting its mission to foster, support, develop and encourage investigative knowledge in dermatologic surgery, ASDS provides members with the tools and assistance they need to achieve the highest standards in clinical practice and patient care.

Under education and innovation in dermatologic surgery, the CERG progam will award up to $40,000 this year to stimulate research relevant to dermatologic surgery and/or cutaneous oncology. 



2021 Jumpstart Research Seed Grant Recipients


Alexander Fogel, MD

Institution:Yale University
Topic: A study to characterize epigenetic alterations in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma occurring in high-risk sites

Nina Semsarzadeh, MD

Institution:Cosmetic Laser Dermatology (San Diego, CA)
Topic: Combined Treatment with Nonablative Fractional Laser and Radiofrequency Microneedling for the Treatment of Acne Scars: a Prospective, Randomized, Split-Face Study

Reid Oldenburg, MD

Institution:University of California San Diego
Topic: Examining the therapeutic potential of Botulinum toxin type A in the treatment of keloids


2021 Cutting Edge Research Grant Recipients

Mary L. Stevenson, MD

Institution: New York University Grossman School of Medicine; New York, NY
Topic: “Characterization of CD73 Expression in Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Novel BioMarker”

Olivia Lucero, MD

Institution: Oregon Health and Science University; Portland, OR
Topic: “The two faces of janus kinase inhibition: A comprehensive spatial transcriptomic analysis of the immune microenvironment and tumor biology of cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas arising during ruxolitinib therapy.”

Shreya Patel, MD

Institution: Boston University Medical Center; Boston, MA
Topic: “State regulations and growth of non-physician providers in dermatology” *

* Indicates board-directed topic

2020 Winners

2020 CERG Winners
  • Ashley Elsensohn, MD 
    University of California San Diego
    Topic: Use of Preferentially Expressed Antigen in Melanoma (PRAME) immunohistochemistry for margin control of melanoma in-situ during Mohs micrographic surgery
  • Steven Barilla, MD 
    Northwell Health, Department of Dermatology
    Topic: Patient Preferences Regarding Virtual Visits in Cutaneous Surgery in the era of COVID-19: A Patient-Centered Investigation from an Academic Dermatologic Surgery Practice