ASDS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

The need for increased knowledge and awareness around minority groups has become apparent, and in April 2020, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Work Group was created, aligning with the Society’s new strategic goals.

DEI Charge:

  • Promote cultural competency and awareness within dermatology
  • Increase diversity within ASDS among members, leaders, volunteers and speakers
  • Educate underrepresented minority (URM) about general and procedural dermatology

Value Statement:
Commitment to non-discrimination, anti-racism, inclusion, cultural and religious sensitivity, and humility with the goal of advancing health equity for racial; and ethnic, minorities, individuals living with disability, and sexual and gender minority people regardless of background.

Position Statement (PDF)

The DEI Work Group is led by Mona Gohara, MD, Chair, and DiAnne Davis, MD, Co-chair. Members include:

  • Sarah T. Arron, MD, PhD
  • R. Sonia Batra, MD
  • Jacob Beer, MD
  • Cheryl M. Burgess, MD
  • Jeannine Downie, MD
  • Eduardo Gomez, MD
  • Sara Hogan, MD
  • Eva Hurst, MD
  • Karan Lal, MD
  • Nicole Negbenebor, MD
  • Klint Peebles, MD
  • Kathleen Spitz, MD
  • Valencia D. Thomas, MD
  • Naissan Wesley, MD
  • Staff Liaison, Tamika Walton

2023–24 Cohort

Mentee Name Mentor Name
Isabella Camacho, MD Deirdre Hooper, MD
Marie Clark, MD David Ozog, MD
Jose L. Cortez, MD Nahid Vidal, MD
Andrea Medina Gonzalez, MD Rawaa Almukhtar, MD
Simone Montgomery, MD Nicole Negbenebor, MD
Brianna Olamiju, MD M. Laurin Council, MD, MBA
Omobola Onikoyi, MD Kanya Ferguson, MD
Dr. Patricia Oyetakin, MD Jeanine Downie, MD
Manoj Pawar, MD Rebecca Tung, MD
Victoria Perez, MD Cyndi Yag-Howard, MD
Marla A. Rodriguez Vazquez, MD Hema Sundaram, MD, MA
Monica Rosales Santillan, MD Kiyanna Williams, MD
Camila Villa Ruiz, MD, MPH Lawrence Green, MD


DEI Webinars

Diversity, equity and inclusion in patient care and physician practices remains a critical unmet need in the specialty. Watch On-demand series that will allow the attendees to have an opportunity to tackle key issues facing dermatologic surgery and dermatology from a practice, patient, and forward facing perspective. By engaging in this educational content, attendees will help determine future directions in DEI for the ASDS/A.

Future webinars in this series will also include specific surgical, clinical and office-based tactics that will facilitate better understanding of these complex issues. 


ASDS Celebrates Black History Month

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DEI Mission

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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

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