“I believe that those who direct the surgical education for residents have not really had an adequate forum to interact and advocate,” said Naomi Lawrence, MD, Chair of the Surgical Directors Forum. “There are also many mutual issues with the fellowship directors both cosmetic and micrographic surgery and cutaneous oncology. I am very excited to see that this Forum is gaining traction and developing its cohesive identity.”

If you are in charge of surgical education and want to participate in the upcoming Forum meetings, please contact education to receive future meeting invites.

Naomi Lawrence, MD, Chair, Surgical Directors Forum

Surgical Directors Forum Focus

2023 – Surgical Director collaboration on the creation of a lecture series to serve as a “must-have” resource to help prepare residents studying for their ABD Certification Pathway Exams.

  • Resident Cosmetic & Surgical Derm Essentials: An online lecture series being spearheaded by the Surgical Directors Forum, in addition to task force appointed to oversee the development and execution of this standardized longitudinal curriculum. Topics in the series are based on the ABD Certification Pathway Core Exam Study Guide for Surgical Dermatology, with means to serve as the ultimate learning resource to residents by incorporating lectures from ASDS experts on all oncologic and cosmetic procedures.

literature-second-edition-cover.jpg2020 – Implementing a residency laser rental program and distributing a business plan for building a sustainable cosmetic practice within an academic setting.

  • ASDS task force developed a business plan that may assist dermatologists in building a sustainable cosmetic practice within an academic setting that also emphasizes resident education and patient safety (log in to access the PDF).
  • Surgical Directors completed review and updates of the Literature-based Curriculum of Dermatologic Surgery (second version was published in spring 2020). The high volume of newly published articles on topics from the dermatologic surgery curriculum demands regular updates to ensure the document remains relevant to the latest research and can be used by dermatologic faculty around the world to support training efforts in dermatologic surgery.

2019 – Supporting increased cosmetic procedures in residency training requirements and academic metrics.

  • Chair Naomi Lawrence, MD, published an article in Vol. 2019 Issue 4 of Currents (PDF) detailing the surgical directors’ goal of improving residents’ case logging in order to reinstitute the hands-on cosmetic procedures requirements from Level 2 “Surgeon or Observed” to Level 1 “Surgeon.” 

2018 – Collaborating on multi-site research proposals; EMR transition; compounding; developing business plans for academic cosmetic practice; survey of cosmetic training in residency; and studies demonstrating the safety of cosmetic procedures.

2017 – Developing an industry-sponsored program to provide residencies with supplies / devices for training; collaborating on multi-site research proposals for demonstration of patient satisfaction of dermatologic surgery care / dermatologic surgeon care; and studies demonstrating cost effectiveness of care as provided by dermatologic surgeons.

2016 – Building a dialog with the Joint Commission on accreditation standards; discussing Accountable Care Organizations in the academic setting; and strengthening the network of Surgical Directors to collaborate on research and educational resources.

2015 – Supporting the ASDS decision to send a letter to ACGME requesting reversal of the elimination of sclerotherapy, chemical peels and dermabrasion from the residency training curriculum. The results: The ACGME Residency Review Committee posted the revision for public review and comment in January and then agreed in July to reinstate the curriculum requirements.