• ASDS International Traveling Mentorship Program,  2010
  • AAD Association of Surgical Faculty, 1984


  • DASIL “Father of International Dermatologic Surgery” Award, 2012
  • ASDS Outstanding Contributions Award, 2015
  • ILDS International Leadership Award,  2017
  • ASDS President's Award, 2020


  • Honorary Member Award for lifetime dedication & meritorious service to the specialty, AAD, 2015
  • Father of Dermatologic Plastic Surgery, JAAD Editorial, 1984
  • Named Lectureships:  Hellenic Dermatologic Surgery Society, South African Society of Dermatologic Surgery, DASIL, ASDS

Academic Appointments

  • Professor, University of Texas San Antonio Health Center, Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, 2016
  • Emeritus, University of California, San Francisco (Dermatologic Surgery)
  • Emeritus, University of Stanford (1976-2006)
  • Emeritus, University of Missouri (1958-59)

Traveling Chair of Dermatologic Surgery, 1986-2011


“Work diligently for RESPECT – both of self, and from your peers.  Both are hard-earned, and worth every possible effort to achieve and always remember it is a PRIVILEGE to practice medicine, as well as a science and an art.”

An excerpt from the 2016 "(Great) Great-Grandfatherly Advice for Young(er) Dermatologic Surgeons" presentation
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2016 Interview of Dr. Field by Gary Brauner, MD

In His Words: Dr. Field's Impact on the Dermatologic Surgery Specialty

ITMP Outstanding Contributions Award
This award is presented annually to outstanding ITMP Mentors as a token of recognition of significant contributions to the ITMP and their leadership, teaching, enthusiasm and commitment to the international educational exchange in dermatologic surgery.

2020 Outstanding Contributions Award
  • Harold Brody, MD
  • Baruch Kaplan, MD
  • Gary Monheit, MD
  • Girish Munavalli, MD
  • Nanda Dewi, MD
  • Salim Thurakkal, MD
  • Matteo Clementoni, MD
  • Somesh Gupta, MD
  • Edwin Djuanda, MD
  • Mysore Venkataram, MD
  • Moerbono Mochtar, MD

ASDS Member Memories

Stephen Mandy, MD
"In 1985, Drs. Larry Field and Stephen Mandy started a society called the Association of Surgical Faculty. It admitted those who had taught DermSurgery at AAD for at least five years. The format was an annual luncheon meeting at AAD where each person spoke for two minutes about their most interesting case, discovery or disaster, followed by two minutes of discussion. Nothing was to go beyond the meeting. It still exists today with an annual attendance between 30 to 50 participants and all agree it is one of the most valuable, not to miss sessions every year."

Dimitra Ntasiou, MD
"Dr. Lawrence Field was the "Father" of the Hellenic Society for Dermatologic Surgery. I was honored to be the inaugural President of the Society (established on 1990) after his valuable guidance. He was always inspiring and encouraging Greek dermatologists during his numerous visits in our country, by his teaching hands-on all kinds of surgery concerning our specialty. His lessons taught us innovative surgical techniques and at the same time caring for the benefit of the patient. His legacy will live forever in our mind and hearts. Rest in peace our great teacher."

Daniel M. Siegel, MD, MS
"Larry was a kind and generous human being and dining with him I was always assured of a delightful conversation. I recall an ISDS in Edinburgh years ago when Larry found that the registrars who were doing all the scut work were not invited to the banquet. He personally paid for all. His generosity with sharing his knowledge was legend. Larry, I mourn your passage and cheer your service to us all."

Mark M. Tanner, MD
"Prof. Lawrence M. Field, MD, an unbelievably great, energetic, passionate and consequent teacher of dermatologic surgery, has left DS community, friends and family. We all felt very, very sad seeing him at this stage and in these circumstances during the last days. There's not a single day in Noerdlingen/Bavaria without performing a flap a procedure or a gesture we're owing to Lawrence Field. He was one of our most commendable, generous and outstanding physicians and teachers. I have been an active member of the International Dermatosurgery Community in the years since 2005 and am looking back on an extraordinary period of common learning and exchange, always achieved at brilliant international locations, organized with much effort and commitment. This appeared and appears to me to be the ideal platform for the growing global Dermato-Surgical movement. To me, Larry was like a father. He had a very strong power to lift someone up. This was the case for many of us, as well as for me. His demise is an incredibly big loss. In deeply grateful commemoration."

Harold J. Brody, MD
"I will never forget being with Larry in Edinburgh, Scotland where he was garbed in full kilts and regalia and playing the bagpipes. He could share his heritage and contribute wonderful education at any International Meeting. I am honored to be one of his International Mentors and selected to be a friend and honoree at the end of his career. Rest in Peace; we will miss you."

Glenn Goldman, MD
“What many younger surgeons may not be aware of is the remarkable and prolific contribution Larry made to the surgical literature, including his vocal defense of dermatologic surgery and his many thoughtful contributions to the island flap, skin graft, eyelid transposition, rhytidectomy and liposuction. Those in ACMS may not know Dr. Field as well, as he was not a Mohs surgeon, but Larry did as much to fight the early battles against geometric excision and closure as any Mohs surgeon.  We all know that Larry could bowl you over, but that was the great thing about him. He was tough as nails, and in his final years he remained dedicated to task despite ailments that would have brought others to their knees. I remember so well an ASDS meeting when he showed up the day after being hospitalized, having signed out of the hospital just to attend the lecture. I will miss his phone calls urging me onward. And when I can again travel, I will try to carry on his tradition of education. Good rest to you my friend.”

Zharlah Gulmatico-Flores, MD
"I first met Dr. Field during my residency training in 2005, I was inspired his passion to teach. 2016, I met him after he paved the way for my dermatologic surgery under the mentorship of Prof. Kee. I would always remember his love for teaching despite old age."

Razan Kadry, MD
"I had the pleasure of meeting and working with dr. Field in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and learned the basics of liposuction from the artist himself. His grace and compassion were contagious. He encouraged me to do a procedural dermatology fellowship in New York, which I did from 2006-07. This training and his guidance changed the course of my career forever. I will always be forever grateful and I believe we lost an icon of a human being. Pure gold. May He Rest In Peace."

Martin H. Kay, MD, PhD
"I first met Dr. Field at one of Dr. Garry Fenno's Liposuction weekend courses and Texas size get togethers in the mid '80s. This was at a time when dermatologists and other surgically trained physicians were developing, perfecting and sharing their innovative cosmetic surgical methods. As opposed to other surgical fields that were trying to restrict such innovation and dissemination of methodologies, many of our forward thinking and selfless leaders banded together in the newly formed AACS to counter such small mindedness. Larry was one of these selfless educators and I followed his remarkable career as I had moved to Southern California soon after. I called him often for advice on educational opportunities and various nuances of his techniques. I also attended his international meetings which highlighted how much he loved all people as well as a good social event. How he convinced so many great surgical innovators and educators to share their knowledge with us all I will never fully know but his hundreds of groupies will sadly miss his smile and true caring."