2022–23 Future Leaders Network Applications Open Monday, April 17

The Future Leaders Network (FLN) creates opportunities for early and mid-career members to enhance leadership skills and prepares them to become leaders in dermatologic surgery. 

The one-year curriculum provides education for mentors and mentees and incorporates leadership and project management training exercises working with a professional facilitator.  Experiential learning through the development of a focused project or by participating in a congressional fly-in, puts skills learned into action.

Email Tamika Walton at twalton@asds.net with any questions.


2021-22 Future Leader Network Mentors and Mentees

2021-22 FLN Projects

All 2021-22 FLN Projects will be available on ASDS Learn. Check back soon!

Project Name: Injector Inspector: Who’s Behind the Procedure?
Mentee: Abdullah Aleisa, MD                                                                      
Mentor: Kachiu Lee, MD
Project Summary: The goal is to find out who is behind cosmetic procedures and differentiate the practice of physicians and non-physicians.

Project Name: Making the Cut: Advice for ASDS Fellows from the Experts
Mentees: Karan Lal, DO, and Westley Mori, MD
Mentor: Omer Ibrahim, MD 
Project Summary: What are the personal resilience traits that dermatologic surgerns share which have led to their amazing success? This project shares the lessons outside of typical educational curriculum about how to excel as ASDS fellows.

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Project Name: CPT Primer: Demystifying the CPT Process
Mentees: Jayne Joo, MD, and Mariam Totonchy, MD
Mentor: Amy Derick, MD 
Project Summary: This project informs ASDS members about the CPT procedure, its participants and its implications for dermatology practices.

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Project Name: The Room Where It Happens: A RUC Primer"
Mentees: Samantha Schneider, MD, and Nicholas Taylor, MD           
George Hruza, MD, MBA
Project Summary: This educational primer helps ASDS members understand the Resource-based Relative Value Sale Scale Committee (RUC) and how it impacts dermatologic surgeons’ Medicare reimbursement rates.

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Project Name: “Set Up for Success!” Educational Video Series
Mentees: Kimberly Ken, MD, and Matthew Willett, MD
Mentor: Amy Taub, MD
Project Summary: This video series provides training resources to support dermatologic surgery practice staff that includes standardized (but customizable) tray setups for 10 high-yield surgical and cosmetic dermatology procedures to enhance patient satisfaction and clinic productivity. The series also includes downloadable tray reference guides and handouts for easy reference.

Project Name: The Ugly Truth: A Truth in Advertising Survey
Mentees: Emily Carr, MD, and Sara Hogan, MD
Mentor: Vineet Mishra, MD   
Project Summary:
This project examines truth in advertising by exploring how medical spas are promoting common cosmetic procedures and providers to the public. It highlights concerns that will help shape ASDSA Truth in Advertising policy efforts.

Project Name: Tricks of the Trade: Early Career Guide
Mentee: Lilia Correa, MD       
Mentor:  Shelly Halper, MD 
Project Summary: This project helps guide graduated residents on how to open a practice, find a job and become a leader.

2021-22 ASDS/A FLN Program Mentees and Mentors 

2021-22 ASDS FLN Program Mentees and Mentors

Name: Patient Safety Study: Physician vs. Non-Physician Providers
Project: Research on safety in cosmetic procedures when performed by physician vs. non-physician providers.
Mentee: Abdullah Aleisa, MD                                   
Mentor: Kachiu Lee, MD

Name: Fellowship Program Curriculum
Project: Enhanced curriculum for Fellowship Programs
Mentees: Westley Mori, MD and Karan Lal, DO                                                    
Mentor: Omer Ibrahim, MD

Name: Set Up For Success: Staff Training Videos and Resources
Project: A Digital Member Toolkit for Staff Training Resources or How-to Guide videos to assist with training practice staff.
Mentees: Matthew Willett, MD and Kimberly Ken, MD                  
Mentor: Amy Taub, MD 

Name: Truth in Advertising Research Study
Project: Truth in advertising research study for aesthetic procedures looking at how medical spas  (i.e., PAs or NPs promoting themselves as a dermatologist or dermatology expert).
Mentees: Sara Hogan, MD and Emily Carr, MD                                   
Mentor: Vineet Mishra, MD

Name: Practice Management Podcast
Project: Podcast interviews sharing practice management tips “Tricks of the Trade” or “What I didn’t learn in Med School” content for early career success.
Mentee: Lilia Correa, MD                                                                             
Mentor: Shelly Halper, MD