Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery (MDS) Exam Review Course

A comprehensive high-level review of dermatologic surgery fundamentals and key knowledge in high-yield content areas outlined by the American Board of Dermatology (ABD) Study Guide to prepare for the MDS Subspecialty Certification Examination.

For more information about the exam and eligibility visit abderm.org.

ABD was not involved in preparing the course and does not attest to whether the course is a reflection of the content of the MDS exam.

Test Dates: Oct. 16โ€“21, 2023

Course fee: $199 ASDS members; $499 non-members

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Course Information 

DIRECTORS: Rajiv I. Nijhawan, MD, and Ian A. Maher, MD (current); Kishwer S. Nehal, MD (through December 2020)

FACULTY: Murad Alam, MD, MBA; Sarah Arron, MD, PhD; Thomas Bander, MD; Jeremy S. Bordeaux, MD, MPH; David R. Carr, MD; Bryan T. Carroll, MD, PhD; Karen L. Connolly, MD; M. Laurin Council, MD; Brienne Cressey, MD; Alison Durham, MD; Matthew Fox, MD; Cerrene Giordano, MD; Nicholas Golda, MD; Hayley Goldbach, MD; Kelly Harms, MD, PhD; S. Brian Jiang, MD; Hillary Johnson- Jahangir, MD, PhD; Thomas J. Knackstedt, MD; Naomi Lawrence, MD; Christopher J. Miller, MD; Maxim Polansky, MD; Anthony M. Rossi, MD; Chrysalyne Schmults, MD; Valencia D. Thomas, MD; David Zloty, MD, FRCP


"Great review. Detailed. High yield. Comprehensive.  I liked the online platform as it allowed me to go back and review dense sections and make clear and useful notes. Definitely, the highest yield review I did prior to last year's test. It’s a lot but worth it."
  - Dr. Todd Davis, MDS Certified Year-2021



Excerpt from Vol. 2020 Issue 3 of Currents