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NEW! Advanced Surgical Flap Reconstruction

Learn nuances about anatomy and reconstruction not found in textbooks! This on-demand course, filmed during a hands-on cadaver lab at the 2023 ASDS Annual Meeting, features renowned ASDS experts H. William Higgins II, MD, MBE, and Christopher Miller, MD, demonstrating the design and execution of a 2-stage forehead flap, 3-stage forehead flap, cheek-to-nose interpolation flap and Abbe flap. Each section begins with a case study video covering flap location anatomy, flap design and defect repair demonstration, and ends with a recap video on a cadaveric cephalus specimen.

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Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery (MDS) Exam Review

This on-demand course provides a high-level comprehensive review of dermatologic surgery fundamentals and key knowledge in high-yield content areas outlined by the American Board of Dermatology (ABD) Study Guide to prepare for the MDS Subspecialty Certification Examination.

Supplemental Content

The on-demand Pathology Review Course reviews additional topics focused on pathology as outlined by the American Board of Dermatology (ABD). These presentations are supplementary content if you are preparing for the MDS subspecialty certification. Learn more on ASDS Learn.

Test Dates: Sept. 23–28, 2024

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Facial Anatomy for Cosmetic Injections

Filmed at Axis Research Medical Lab in Nashville, TN, with a live cadaver lab and dissection demonstrations, this on-demand course helps you improve your clinical and functional knowledge of facial anatomy for minimally invasive injection procedures. This course includes high-yield lectures and in-depth cadaveric specimen dissections with instructional dialogue on anatomy, injection technique demonstrations on cadaveric specimen, and bonus thread lift technique demonstration.

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Chemical Peel Video Series: Superficial, Medium, Deep

Learn the art and science of chemical peeling with this on-demand course. “Chemical Peel Video Series: Superficial, Medium, Deep,” presented by Jennifer Rullan, MD, is a three-part systematically organized on-demand course that includes procedural videos, patient photos and handouts for 17 different chemical peels, including exclusive daily consecutive photos of the healing stages for these peels.

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