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    What is a dermatologic surgeon?

    Part of a progressive medical subspecialty, ASDS member dermatologists perform medically necessary and cosmetic procedures to improve the health, function and beauty of skin through every stage of life.

  • 2016-3-960

    From forehead furrows to frown lines…

    Performing more than 5 million cosmetic procedures each year, ASDS member dermatologists offer many treatments that are less intense, safer and have quicker recovery times than ever before.

  • 2016-2-960

    3 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year

    Any suspicious new growths or changes should be examined by a dermatologist immediately. ASDS member dermatologists are trained to select the best treatment choice based on the individual patient.

  • 2016-1-960

    From excess fat to wrinkles…

    Offering a range of office-based cosmetic procedures, ASDS member dermatologists can select the appropriate treatment choice to meet your individual goals.

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In This Section

Continuing Medical Education Mission Statement

ASDS Education Mission

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery is an organization whose primary purpose is to promote optimal quality care for patients as well as support and develop investigative knowledge in the field of dermatologic surgery.  The Society carries out this mission in order to further the interests and needs of the specialty, with the underlying purpose of contributing to the delivery of quality care in the ambulatory setting.


The purpose of the Society’s overall CME program includes the following:

  • To provide physicians performing dermatologic surgery with a forum for the exchange of ideas and methodologies in dermatologic surgery and related medical and basic sciences
  • To increase the body of knowledge existing in the field of dermatologic surgery
  • To provide educational opportunities to members in all aspects of dermatologic surgery and its practices
  • To promote the highest possible standards in clinical dermatologic surgery practice that foster increased physician competence, optimal procedural performance, and/or patient outcomes
Content Areas

The scope of the Society’s educational program includes consideration of both the medical/surgical aspects of the specialty as well as basic science principles related to dermatologic surgery. The Society also includes selected socio-economic, legal, and ethical content within the overall scope of the program.


The primary target audience of the ASDS CME program includes the more than 5,000 members of the Society. Secondary audiences include members of the American Academy of Dermatology and other membership organizations who are dermatologists, but not ASDS members.

Activities and Services

The following learning activities are sponsored by the Society for CME credit:

  • The ASDS Annual Scientific and Clinical Meeting
  • Periodic procedural educational programs and courses conducted by the Society
  • Video, DVD and CD-ROM educational tools

Other learning resources include: 

  • A special core curriculum for dermatologic surgery appropriate as a reference for physicians in training as well as practicing dermatologic surgeons
  • The Dermatologic Surgery journal published by the Society
  • Funding research to promote the goals of the Society and the interests of the specialty
  • Preceptorships
Expected Results

The expected results of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery’s (ASDS) CME program are:

  1. Enhance the performance of dermatologic surgeons in clinical, educational, and research activities resulting in improved competence, performance in practice, patient care and/or health outcomes;
  2. Increase the total number of participants in the ASDS CME program by 10% each year;
  3. Achieve at least a mean score of 4.0 on evaluation questions regarding educational value and impact on practice;
  4. Achieve 90% overall satisfaction with participants in ASDS sponsored CME activities.
Resolution of Conflicts of Interest

The ASDS is committed to providing an open forum for the exchange of ideas and methodology for dermatologic surgery and related basic sciences. ASDS must ensure that the content of its educational activities are scientifically based, accurate, current, and objectively presented. The ASDS has developed policies that will resolve all conflicts of interest prior to the educational activity being delivered to participants.

Approved/Executive Committee – 11/97
Approved/Council on Education and Research Activities – 10/97
Approved/Council on Education and Research Activities – 8/93
Approved/Executive Committee – 8/93
Approved/Executive Committee-8/01
Approved/Council on Education and Research Activities – 2/04
Approved/Executive Committee 12/05
Approved/Executive Committee 4/09

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