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There are a variety of skin conditions that cause people to seek the services of a dermatologic surgeon, but the most common causes are:

  • Aging and its effects on appearance, such as lines and wrinkles, brown spots and resistant fat deposits.
  • Skin damage from sun exposure, such as benign and malignant growths and tumors, broken capillaries, lines and pigmentation problems.
  • Diseases and disorders of the skin such as skin cancer, acne, moles, birthmarks and rashes.
  • Other diseases that visibly affect the skin, such as diabetes, HIV, hormonal imbalances and internal cancer.
  • Trauma – injury and accidents that can cause relatively minor wounds and scars to more serious disfiguration.
  • Genetic factors with skin manifestations – inherited tendencies toward certain disorders such as hair loss, varicose veins, dark shadows under the eyes and resistant fat deposits.

Learn more about specific conditions and their treatment options: