Skin-related problems and skin care for newborns

Skin conditions can and often do appear at birth. Congenital skin lesions, vascular birthmarks and moles may be present in newborns. While some birthmarks are minor and without medical implications, others are more severe and can cause significant psychological problems as well as functional impairment.

  • Congenital skin lesions in newborns are most often benign and self-limiting. Your baby's healthcare provider can help determine if any course of action is necessary.
  • Fortunately, the management of vascular birthmarks has undergone tremendous changes, influenced partially by scientific advances in understanding the biology of the lesions and also by evolving laser techniques. Medicine and surgery can yield dramatic, positive physical and psychological results in infants and children. Recent advances in anesthetic creams make skin care treatments substantially less painful than in the past.
  • Generally moles on an infant’s or child’s skin are not a concern, and skin cancer is rare in young children. Even so, if you’re concerned, the mole should be checked by a board-certified dermatologist just to be sure. When caught early, skin cancer is highly treatable.