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    A lifetime of adventure and experience makes you a vibrant, fascinating, and exciting person, but it also can take a toll on your skin, especially your face and hands.


    Sometimes it seems like a cruel joke: You feel youthful and energetic, but your aging hands, sagging skin and wrinkles tell the world a different story. It can be disconcerting when your appearance doesn’t reflect the person you are inside, which is why many dermatologists offer cosmetic procedures to help you reconcile these two conflicting realities.


    Whether you’re a new grandma welcoming the next generation to the world (and posing for a hundred photos while cradling the newest addition) or a matriarch who sits at the head of the table during large family gatherings, there are plenty of times when all eyes are on you.


    However, if you’re unhappy with how you look, these moments can cause discomfort rather than joy. Instead of embracing the spotlight or sharing in celebrations, you might find yourself shrinking into the shadows, passing your place of honor on to younger, more youthful members of the family. No one is asking you to step back – in fact, they want you in the center of everything – but it’s hard to take that step when you aren’t satisfied with the way you look.


    If this sounds familiar, you’re in luck. Today, there are plenty of skin treatments that can help you look younger and feel healthier while offering completely natural results.


    Some of the most common procedures available to help you keep youthful-looking skin well into your senior years include liposuction to get rid of excess fat, dermabrasion to erase age spots and treatments for sun-damaged skin. Less common – but just as effective – procedures include laser therapy for spider veins (also known as sclerotherapy), ultrasound skin tightening for wrinkles and blepharoplasty for those dreaded droopy eyelids


    While some of these treatments might be offered at “spas” for discounted prices, the health and beauty of your skin isn’t a place where you want to cut corners. Only a qualified skin expert – someone who puts safety first and offers the kind of expertise you can count on – should be entrusted with such an important task.


    After all, even minor cosmetic skin treatments are technically medical procedures. Complications can occur, but enlisting the services of an ASDS member dermatologist can minimize the risks greatly.


    Once you’ve reached a certain age, you realize what really matters in life and what risks you’re willing to take. Cosmetic procedures shouldn’t be one of them – and with an ASDS member dermatologist – it doesn’t have to be.


    You may be a grandmother, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to look like one. Reclaim your youth, preserve your beauty and show the next generation how to truly age gracefully.