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    What is a dermatologic surgeon?

    Part of a progressive medical subspecialty, ASDS member dermatologists perform medically necessary and cosmetic procedures to improve the health, function and beauty of skin through every stage of life.

  • 2016-3-960

    From forehead furrows to frown lines…

    Performing more than 5 million cosmetic procedures each year, ASDS member dermatologists offer many treatments that are less intense, safer and have quicker recovery times than ever before.

  • 2016-2-960

    3 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year

    Any suspicious new growths or changes should be examined by a dermatologist immediately. ASDS member dermatologists are trained to select the best treatment choice based on the individual patient.

  • 2016-1-960

    From excess fat to wrinkles…

    Offering a range of office-based cosmetic procedures, ASDS member dermatologists can select the appropriate treatment choice to meet your individual goals.

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In This Section

Do's and Don’ts for Spider and Varicose Veins

Tips for diminishing the appearance of spider and varicose veins

Fluctuation in hormones, high-heeled shoes, age, occupation, heat and obesity are just some of the factors causing many women to suffer from painful spider or varicose veins. Due to some predisposed conditions, varicose and spider veins may be inevitable for some people. However, there are many preventative measures and medical techniques available to diminish the appearance and pain associated with these vein conditions.


  • Do listen to your body. Both varicose and spider veins tend to be a cosmetic concern, however they can also lead to serious health complications such as: fatigue, night cramps, leg swelling or itching around certain veins. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, a dermatologic surgeon (a physician who specializes in skin and vein related conditions) should be contacted for further assistance.
  • Do keep active. Keep those legs moving… walking, cycling and swimming all help to keep up blood circulation in legs and will reduce pressure and blood pooling.
  • Do maintain a healthy weight. Reducing body weight may help to prevent varicose and spider veins. Sustaining a healthy weight will eliminate excess pressure on your legs that cause veins to surface.
  • Do wear compression stockings to elevate pressure to the veins. While support hose ensures that pressure is evenly distributed on legs it is important to watch out for pressure from restrictive clothing that might actually trap blood, causing clots. Clothing around specific body parts including waist, legs and the groin area can restrict circulation and lead to spider and varicose veins.


  • Don’t sit or stand for long periods of time. Being in one position for an extended period of time can place pressure on veins, so it’s important to keep your legs moving. Changing positions every 30 minutes will help blood flow and keep veins healthy. Flexing calves muscles frequently is also a good exercise to do at your desk on long car trips or on a plane to keep up circulation.
  • Don’t assume all treatments will work for you. Speak to a dermatologic surgeon about a variety of treatment options available, such as lasers or injections. Depending on the severity of vein damage experts can determine the best treatment option for you.
  • Don’t subject legs to excessive heat. Everyone enjoys a hot bath or relaxing in a hot tub on occasion but it’s important to keep it to a minimum. The heat associated with baths and hot tubs will actually increase vein swelling and lead to blood pooling.
  • Don’t fall for bogus advertisements. When seeking options for vein treatment, be cautious! Advertisements that claim to be “unique,” “permanent” or “painless” could be tempting, but may not be legitimate. Be sure to see a dermatologic surgeon who can perform a variety of procedures.
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