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    What is a dermatologic surgeon?

    Part of a progressive medical subspecialty, ASDS member dermatologists perform medically necessary and cosmetic procedures to improve the health, function and beauty of skin through every stage of life.

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    From forehead furrows to frown lines…

    Performing more than 5 million cosmetic procedures each year, ASDS member dermatologists offer many treatments that are less intense, safer and have quicker recovery times than ever before.

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    3 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year

    Any suspicious new growths or changes should be examined by a dermatologist immediately. ASDS member dermatologists are trained to select the best treatment choice based on the individual patient.

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    From excess fat to wrinkles…

    Offering a range of office-based cosmetic procedures, ASDS member dermatologists can select the appropriate treatment choice to meet your individual goals.

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In This Section

Conditions in Ages 40 to 54

They say life begins at 40. They ought to add that the signs of aging really begin at 40! However, this is no reason for you to succumb. People in this age group are more healthy, vital, active and downright youthful than ever before. Aggressive responses to sun-damaged skin and aesthetic blemishes can keep your face and body looking as healthy and young as you feel on the inside. And continue working out and eating properly – it's good for your heart, your bones, your strength and your overall health as well as your skin and general appearance.

Lines, wrinkles and bags

As the relatively minor facial blemishes begin to pile up, the result can be a tired face hiding a vigorous personality. The changes that began at 30 become more dramatic with lines due to muscle-pull remaining when the muscles relax; sagging due to gravity pull and increased loss of skin elasticity; dark age spots that become more prominent; and generally slower skin recovery from abuses like stress and fatigue. Among the approaches dermatologic surgeons use to reverse the signs of the aging face at this stage of life are:

  • Wrinkle fillers and fat transfer to fill in and contour the "peaks and valleys."
  • Neuromodulator (botulinum toxin) injections to improve lines and wrinkles associated with facial expression.
  • Blepharoplasty to remove excess skin and fat tissue from the eyelids.
  • Brow lifts to raise the eyebrows and keep them from sagging over the eyes as well as help reduce lines on the forehead
  • Chemical peels to rejuvenate skin with marked wrinkling, sun damage and discoloration.
  • Laser resurfacing to eliminate wrinkles and treat other facial blemishes such as birthmarks and pigmented lesions, broken capillaries and irregular pigmentation.
  • Dermabrasionto remove outer skin layers and smooth the skin overall

Neck and jowl treatments

Separately or in combination, a growing number of facial rejuvenation procedures are being used to successfully treat cosmetic problems in the neck and jowls. Depending on the severity of the condition, treatment options may include chemical peelslaser resurfacingneuromodulator (botulinum toxin) therapyliposuction and neck lifting.


Stubborn fat build-up is almost inevitable as men and women pass the age of 40. The availability of safe and effective liposuction can largely be attributed to a dermatologic surgeon who invented the tumescent technique of local anesthesia. This significant development, complemented by new instrumentation, allows liposuction to be performed in an office-based setting with the utmost patient safety and greatest results.

With tumescent liposuction, deposits of fat resistant to diet and exercise are removed from virtually anywhere on the body: hips, thighs, stomach, arms, legs, and back. The procedure allows dermatologic surgeons to precisely sculpt the body and create a more natural and shapely body contour with few side effects and minimum recovery time.

When performed by a dermatologic surgeon in an outpatient setting using local anesthesia, tumescent liposuction is one of the safest surgical procedures performed in America today – not to mention one of the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Moles, warts and skin tags

The passage of time also renders the body more vulnerable to small outgrowths like moles, warts and skin tags, small bits of excess skin that seem to sprout up almost anywhere for no obvious reason. Fortunately, several simple but effective procedures can remove these unwanted growths safely and quickly, with no interruption of normal routines.

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