About the PULSE Coalition

In order to strengthen efforts to promote safe laser use, ASDSA launched the PULSE (Patients/Physicians United for Laser Safety and Efficacy) Coalition to protect patients who undergo procedures that utilize laser and energy-based devices. Member organizations are dedicated to work with legislators and regulators to raise awareness about the dangers of laser and energy-based devices when performed without proper supervision or at the hands of inadequately trained personnel. 

Coalition members work to advocate and implement ASDSA’s PULSE model legislation that is designed to address the issue of non-physicians performing laser and energy-based device procedures without proper training and/or physician oversight.

Model Bill Highlights

  • Allows for the delegation of non-ablative laser or energy-based procedures to non-physicians through the use of a written protocol.
  • States that procedures expected or intended to remove, burn, or vaporize the live epidermal surface of the skin are to only be performed by physicians.
  • Requires delegating physicians to perform the initial assessment of the patient and to determine the settings of the chosen device.
  • Requires the delegating physician and delegate to be properly trained in the use of laser and energy based devices. 
  • Requires a physician to be on-site throughout the duration of the procedure.

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PULSE Coalition Members

American Academy of Dermatology Association

Maryland Dermatologic Society

American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

Massachusetts Academy of Dermatology

Arizona Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Society

Minnesota Dermatological Society

Colorado Dermatologic Society

Missouri Dermatological Society

Connecticut Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Society

North Carolina Dermatology Association

Georgia Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Society

Pennsylvania Academy of Dermatology

Kansas Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery

Rhode Island Dermatology Society