Continuing in its efforts to promote safe laser use across the country, ASDSA launched the Patients/Physicians United for Laser Safety and Efficacy (PULSE) coalition. PULSE was created to protect the safety of patients who undergo procedures that utilize laser and energy-based devices.

PULSE, representing a wide range of health care organizations and affected patient groups, is a coalition dedicated to advocating for standards which address the safe performance of laser and energy-based device procedures. PULSE will work to educate legislators and regulators while raising awareness about the dangers of laser and energy-based procedures when performed inappropriately or at the hands of inadequately trained personnel.

Additionally, PULSE will proactively work to implement and advocate for model language, titled the "Safe Laser and Energy-Based Device Act" (PDF) that is designed to address the issue of non-physicians performing laser and energy-based device procedures without proper training and/or physician oversight. Interested health care organizations and patient groups can contact advocacy@asds.net for more information.