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This exclusive program, in partnership with Neutrogena, provides free skin cancer screenings to the general public. Members receive patient education materials and a free online listing that allows patients nationwide to locate nearby free screenings. All program participants receive recognition from ASDS and could win an award!

Who can get a free screening?

Anyone! This is a free public service program, and there are no restrictions as to who is eligible. The goal of the program is to screen and educate as many people as possible on sun safety and early detection.

2018-19 ASDS President Murad Alam, MD, MBA, with 2019 ASDS Choose Skin Health Top Screener Aurora Badia, MD, DO

Choose Skin Health Skin Cancer Screening Competition

ASDS recognizes the individual members who provide the most skin cancer screenings through Choose Skin Health, and the Top Screener competition runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. The Top Screener (national), Top Practice and up to seven regional awards (dependent upon member participation) are announced during the ASDS Annual Meeting. Winners receive certificates and are recognized in a press release, the ASDS Membership Meeting, Currents, the ASDS website and promotional materials for Choose Skin Health.

To be eligible, screeners must submit the pink copy of patients' completed screening forms. After hosting a screening event, send the ASDS member's name (e.g., cover sheet or business card) and each patient's pink screening form to ASDS in any of the following ways:

Contact Katie Allodi with questions.

Top National Screeners

2021: Aurora Badia, MD, DO
2020: Aurora Badia, MD, DO
2019: Aurora Badia, MD, DO
2018: Andrew T. Jaffe, MD
2017: Andrew T. Jaffe, MD
2016: Andrew T. Jaffe, MD
2015: Andrew T. Jaffe, MD
2014: Alan R. Gilbert, MD
2013: Alan R. Gilbert, MD
2012: Alan R. Gilbert, MD
2011: Robin Knuttel, MD