Showcase your ASDS / ASDSA member expertise.

Why is this program important?

Many voices create a powerful statement.
Sharing content through your personal social media network provides medically sound patient education that can influence consumers away from other so-called skin experts. ASDS board certified dermatologists need to own the space as THE true skin experts. Program efforts will also be targeted to educate lawmakers and other key decision-makers on critical issues that impact patient safety, dermatologic surgeons and their patients.

What’s in it for you?

Be recognized as an expert and advocate.
ASDS Social Media Ambassadors will increase the visibility of the specialty with the public and other members and serve as an effective advocate. Participants will be recognized at the ASDS Annual Meeting, on, in member emails and on social media. Ambassadors will simultaneously build their own personal brand by promoting their ASDS membership and sharing their knowledge with social media audiences.

Inclusive mentorship.
Participation offers the additional benefit of connecting with and learning from colleagues. Early-career participants can be paired with more tenured members. Reciprocal learning for both parties can occur with a better understanding of the social media platforms and a more experienced viewpoint of appropriate content to share.


NOTEASDS / ASDSA welcomes free speech and open conversation on social media. However, comments involving harmful, defamatory language or personal attacks will not be tolerated. ASDS / ASDSA reserves the right to remove members from the Social Ambassador Program. ASDS / ASDSA also has the right to refuse any Social Media Ambassador applicant who has a history of defamatory language and personal attacks on his/her social media page.