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    What is a dermatologic surgeon?

    One of the most innovative and progressive medical subspecialties, these ASDS experts perform medically necessary and cosmetic treatment and procedures to improve skin health and beauty.

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    From aging skin to skin cancer...

    No one is more qualified to help than an ASDS member dermatologist. Each year, these skilled doctors perform 5 million cosmetic procedures and 2.6 million skin cancer treatments.

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    One American dies of melanoma almost every hour

    The good news: With early detection, melanoma has an almost 100 percent five-year survival rate. Schedule a free skin cancer screening today.

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    From crow's feet to spider veins...

    You'll look and feel your best when ASDS member dermatologists combine their training and expertise with the widest range of options available.

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Californians:  Have You Done Everything You Can to Advocate for Patient Safety?

ASDSA and CalDerm’s patient safety bill, AB 2566 (Carter), is now in Governor Schwarzenegger’s possession.  His office has indicated that he is considering vetoing the bill, despite the fact that it passed unanimously through the California State Legislature and has been supported by the Medical Board of California, as well as many state and national specialty organizations.  In the final hours before his office makes a decision on whether or not to veto this critical patient safety legislation, are you confident that you’ve done everything you can to help convince him to sign the bill into law?

 Have you:          

  • Sent anonymized patient photos and stories of patient injury incurred in illegal, non-physician-owned medspas to ASDSA Director of Advocacy and Public Policy Lisle Soukup at lsoukup@asds.net       
  • Made phone calls to any contacts you have that might have influence with the Governor’s Office to urge them to ask for his support  
  • Written your own, personalized (not just talking points) letter or email to Governor Schwarzenegger—talking points available here
  • Joined the Safe Patients CA cause on Facebook, and signed the petition to the Governor there.   
  • Spread the word--asked your friends, colleagues, and patients to take action on the issues above—particularly with regard to contacts in the Governor’s Office and patient injury photos and stories

Contact Director of Advocacy and Public Policy Lisle Soukup at lsoukup@asds.net or (847) 956-9126.








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