Model Legislation: SUNucate

Working to lessen the impact of sun exposure at schools and youth camps, ASDSA has launched the SUNucate model bill which is designed to eliminate barriers to the use of important sun protection methods. Also titled as the Reducing Cancer and Excessive UV Exposure in Children Act (PDF), the model legislation would allow students and participants in youth camps to possess and use a topical sunscreen product while on school or camp property or at an event or activity sponsored by the school or camp without a physician's note or prescription.

This initiative is in response to reports of schools prohibiting students from possessing sunscreen due to its classification as an over-the-counter medication. In addition to granting permission to possess sunscreen, the bill contains a provision that calls for each school or camp to allow the use of sun-protective clothing, including hats, while outdoors. An optional clause is included which would call on schools to implement a curricula that includes instruction on the basic facts about skin cancer and a set of strategies to reduce the risk of contracting skin cancer.

ASDSA is working with interested stakeholders to proactively implement the model bill across the country. Organizations interested in advancing this model legislation can contact for more information.