ASDSA believes patient safety should be first and foremost. In order to have access to timely data, ASDSA has created a Non-Physician Adverse Event Reporting Form to allow members who treat patients who have experienced complications from medical procedures performed by non-physicians to bring that information to ASDSA’s attention. Please note that this form is not a legal document and is only used for internal tracking purposes. Any adverse events reported to ASDSA do not go on the public record; we encourage members and their patients to report complications to their appropriate local, state or federal agencies.

In conjunction with Northwestern University, we have also launched the Cutaneous Adverse Procedure Event Reporting (CAPER) Registry. CAPER is a registry overseen by a group of board certified dermatologists, clinicians and researchers with more than 20 years of experience in patient care and physician advocacy who are committed to improving safety outcomes. The collaboration between Northwestern University and ASDSA will ensure that CAPER becomes the common place for dermatologic surgeons and their staff to report adverse events from devices, drugs or biologics. Access to this de-identified data can result in the dissemination of trends related to adverse incidents and result in making patients safer.