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    What is a dermatologic surgeon?

    Part of a progressive medical subspecialty, ASDS member dermatologists perform medically necessary and cosmetic procedures to improve the health, function and beauty of skin through every stage of life.

  • 2016-3-960

    From forehead furrows to frown lines…

    Performing more than 5 million cosmetic procedures each year, ASDS member dermatologists offer many treatments that are less intense, safer and have quicker recovery times than ever before.

  • 2016-2-960

    3 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year

    Any suspicious new growths or changes should be examined by a dermatologist immediately. ASDS member dermatologists are trained to select the best treatment choice based on the individual patient.

  • 2016-1-960

    From excess fat to wrinkles…

    Offering a range of office-based cosmetic procedures, ASDS member dermatologists can select the appropriate treatment choice to meet your individual goals.

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In This Section

International Preceptorship - FAQs

 The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery International Preceptorship Program has been established through the Lawrence M. Field, MD International Dermatologic Surgery Education Exchange Fund. The primary goal is to enhance the exchange of information and body of knowledge for an international Preceptee through a visit to the U.S. or Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the selection process?
  • The ASDS Educational Exchange Work Group will receive each application
  • The selected Preceptee and Preceptor/Host will be notified by the ASDS and will be sent additional paperwork to prepare for the Preceptorship
  • Applicants that are not selected will be notified
How long does the selection process take?
  • Candidates will be notified whether they have been selected 4-6 weeks after application deadline.
Should I notify prospective Preceptor that I have selected his/her on my application?
  • Applicants are encouraged to communicate with selected Preceptors prior to application deadline.
How long is the preceptorship?
  • A minimum of four days (not including travel). The length of the visit must be arranged between the Preceptee and the Preceptor.
Who makes the travel arrangements for the Preceptee?
  • The Preceptee makes his/her own travel arrangements.
What is the process to obtain a VISA?
  • The following information is based on a previous Preceptee’s experience and his provided comments are to assist future Preceptees; however; it is strongly advised to contact the US Embassy in your country for the exact requirements and application process:
The VISA issuance, may take up to one to three months, so it is best to apply well in advance. The application to apply can be done online. Go to http://www.usembassy.gov/. Applicant should have a letter of invitation to participate in the program from ASDS while applying for the VISA. The applicant will need to request this from the ASDS if they are selected as the International Preceptee for the ASDS Preceptorship Program as the letter cannot be provided prior to then. The application process includes an interview (which requires a fee for the interview). The interview will take place by an officer of the US Embassy. The interview is the main deciding factor for issuance of a VISA, and other supporting documents are secondary to it. The applicant will need to complete a DS 160 which is an electronic form for the non-immigrant VISA available from the website of the US embassy of his/her respective country.

You will be requested for a salary statement (for the VISA process) to prove your employment and financial status. This can be issued by the bank where your check is deposited from your employer or work place.

Does the program cover my expenses?
  • The ASDS will reimburse up to $1,500 (U.S. dollars) receipts for any items over $25 must be included with expense report.
  • Appropriate expenses include:
    • Economy, advance-purchase airfare
    • Meals
    • Local transportation (taxi) to/from the institution as needed
    • Modest hotel accommodations if not staying at the host’s home



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