Ignite Grants

ASDSA Ignite Grants are designed to provide both the hands-on assistance and funding critical to successfully advocate for state legislation which will improve patient safety. For the 2017-18 Ignite Grant, applications from state dermatological societies who would like to pursue ASDSA’s “Safe Laser and Energy-based Device Act” (PDF) or “Reducing the Risk of Skin Cancer and Excessive UV Exposure in Children Act"  (PDF) will be given preference.

It should be noted that the grant is not a “no strings attached” program. This program is for state societies that desire assistance from ASDSA in navigating the legislative process. This may include developing an advocacy strategy, hiring a lobbyist and determining when compromise is appropriate. Grants are made on an annual basis; states may re-apply each year for multi-year efforts.

For state dermatologic societies that are interested in applying, please check back for an updated application. You may return it to advocacy@asds.net or fax to (847) 956-0999; please include ASDSA Ignite Grant Application on the cover sheet. Applications for 2018-19 are due Aug. 1, 2018.