Model Legislation

SUNucate/Reducing the Risk of Skin Cancer and Excessive UV Exposure in Children Act 

In an ongoing effort to reduce the risk of excessive UV exposure in our nation's children, ASDSA proudly launched the SUNucate model bill which is designed to eliminate barriers to the use of important sun protection methods. Also titled as the Reducing the Risk of Skin Cancer and Excessive UV Exposure in Children Act (PDF), the model bill would allow children to possess and use a topical sunscreen at schools and youth camps. 

Safe Laser and Energy-based Device Act 

In conjunction with the PULSE Coalition, ASDSA proactively advocates for the Safe Laser and Energy-based Device Act (PDF) which was designed to protect patient safety by addressing the issue of non-physicians performing laser and energy-based device procedures without proper training or physician oversight. 

In concert with ASDSA's position on Delegation (PDF), this model bill would require that non-physicians perform laser procedures only when under the on-site supervision of a physician. Before a non-physician provider may be delegated the performance of a laser procedure, the supervising physician must perform an initial patient assessment and have an established written protocol with the delegate. 

Truth in Advertising
As members of the American Medical Association’s Scope of Practice Partnership, ASDSA endorses the AMA model Truth in Advertising legislation, available through the AMA’s website at

ASDSA's position statement on Truth in Advertising (PDF) also outlines language that ASDSA supports regarding the advertisement of board certification. 

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