Patient Safety Campaign

Due to the proliferation of spas, salons and walk-in clinics offering cosmetic procedures performed by non-physicians, the ASDSA has noted a significant increase in patient complications.

In response to this alarming national trend, the ASDSA launched a campaign warning consumers that cosmetic treatments, such as those using lasers, high-tech light devices, chemical peels, soft tissue fillers, botulinum toxin and microdermabrasion techniques, are medical/surgical procedures that should be performed by a fully qualified physician or under the direct supervision of the physician.

Included in this section are a variety of resources to help patients make safe and healthy choices for cosmetic treatments, including ASDSA position statements on topics like dermal fillers or medical spas, patient safety tips, and complications reporting tools. If you would like to share your experiences to help the public better understand the risks of the administration of cosmetic treatments by a non-physician without direct physician supervision, please contact us


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