ASDSA strives to maintain a patient-focused approach in its advocacy efforts. Patients play an important role in developing effective legislation, advocating for favorable measures, and determining the safety needs of the public. As part of its patient-focused approach, ASDSA maintains the following resources to help patients make smart, informed, and safe choices when pursuing medical treatment. ASDSA also provides resources to help patients advocate for consumer safety initiatives. We want to empower you to shape a health care strategy that is right for your needs.

A major part of caring for your skin is taking part in skin cancer prevention. ASDSA is committed to helping prevent skin cancer by providing testimony to regulators, disseminating information to the public, advocating for legislation, such as proper regulation of indoor tanning, promoting free skin cancer screenings, and other initiatives. For more information visit the Skin Cancer Prevention section or the ASDS homepage on skin cancer prevention.