Volunteer on a Campaign

A great way to become a part of the political process is by volunteering on a campaign. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet with legislators and discuss the issues which are important to you.

How to Get Involved 

  1. Recruiting volunteers to support your legislator’s campaign – Try to recruit other dermatologic surgeons to be players in the political process, not just spectators
  2. Writing a letter to the editor
  3. Walking precincts to campaign for your candidate
  4. Putting up and taking down campaign yard signs or identifying yard sign locations
  5. Participating in a phone bank to call registered voters
  6. Hosting a campaign event
  7. Joining a campaign committee
  8. Assisting with a fundraiser
  9. Be a poll watcher on Election Day

Let us know if you’re running for elected office. We’d love to offer our support and encouragement.


If you are not registered contact your state board of elections or go to their website to find out how.